top 3 "anto" and "syno" name of misein

1. Misanthrope(n):- 

one who hates people 

Syno:- cynic, doubter 

Anto:- believer, humanitarian 

e.g. :- The old man was a misanthrope who surrounded his entire yard with barbed wire to keep his neighbours at bay.

2. Misogynist(n):- one who hates women 

Syno:- anti-feminist, male chauvinist 

anto:- Philogynist 

e.g.:- The boy’s misogyny hailed from the abuse he suffered from his mother

3. Misogamist(n):- one who hates marriage
e.g. :- John decided not to get married, he is a misogamist.

4. Altruist(n):- devoted to the welfare of others

Syno:- benefactor, contributor

anto:- challenger, competitor

e.g. :- He was an altruist, and he loved others better than himself

5. Ascetic:- austere, self-denying

Syno:- austere, disciplined

Anto:- luxurious, extravagant

e.g. :- Buddhism requires ascetic behaviour, including fasting, by its monks, but not from other followers

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