Q1. A student studied four subjects in his bachelor’s degree. If the ratio of marks in subject A and B is 1:2, in subject B and C is 2:5 and in subject A and D is 1:4. If she has scored an average of 84 marks in a subject. In how many subjects did she score equal to or greater than 60 marks?  

(a) 1  

 (b) 2 

 (c) 3  

(d) 4

Q2. There are 45 students in a hostel. If the number of student increases by 5, the expenses of the mess increases by Rs.30 per day while the average mess expenditure per head(per day) diminishes by Rs.2. Find the original expenditure of the mess.  

(a) Rs. 1180 

(b) Rs. 1170  

(c) Rs. 1190  

(d) Rs. 1150

3. In an office of 40 people, the average salary of class-A, class-B and class-C officer is Rs. 600, Rs. 750 and Rs. 1000 a day respectively and there ratio of strength is 5:4:1 respectively. Find the monthly average salary of an officer (in Rs.)? Assume the number of days in a month to be 30.  

(a) 21000  

(b) 20000 

(c) 22000  

(d) 23000

4. 12 years ago, there were 7 members in Arun’s family & then the average age of the family was 28 years. His father died three years ago from present & then the average age of the family was 26 years. Then his father died at the age of  

(a) 101 years  

 (b) 110 years  

 (c) 103 years 

 (d) 105 years

5. The average weight of three men A, B and C is 65 kg. Another man D joins the group and the average now becomes 68 kg. If another man E whose weight is 4 kg less than that of D, replaces A then the average weight of B, C, D and E becomes 67 kg. Find the weight of A? 

(a) 77 kg  

(b) 75 kg

(c) 72 kg

(c) 78 kg

6. The average age of 40 teachers in a school in 2007 was 35 years. In 2009, 10 teachers retired from the job, whose average age was 50 years. In 2012, 20 teachers joined the school, whose average age was 30 years. What was the total age of all the teachers in 2015 assuming that no teacher joined or left the school apart from the ones mentioned in the question?  

(a) 1820 years 

 (b) 1920 years 

 (c) 1810 years  

(d) 1800 years

7. The average age of ‘x’ students in class 8 is (x – 6) years. If the two teachers whose age is 36 years and 40 years join the class, then the average age of the peoples in class 8 increases by 2 years. In class 9, there are (x + 35) students out of which 25% are girls. In class 9, if the average age of each girl is 14 years and that of each boy is 16 years, then find the average age of each student in class 9.  

(a) 14.8 years  

 (b) 15 years 

(c) 14.9 years 

(d) 15.5 years

8. Average run scored by Virat in 36 innings is 48. Difference between highest and lowest scores scored by him is 151 and if these two innings are excluded then his overall average decreases by 3.5. Find highest score scored by him.  

(a) 183 

  (b) 181 

  (c) 189  

(d) 187

9. Present age of ‘A’ is 50% less than that of ‘C’ which in turn is 40% more than the present age of ‘B’. If the average of present ages of ‘A’ and ‘C’ is 1.5 years more than the present age of ‘B’, then find the average present age of ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’.  

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