anti and syno name of ALTER

1. Altruism(n):- philosophy of putting another’s welfare above one’s own
Syno:– charity, clemency
Anto:- greed, selfishness
e.g. :- some may choose to work with vulnerable elderly people
out of altruism.

2. Altruistic(adj):- interested in the welfare of others
Syno:- beneficent, benevolent
Anto:- self-indulgent, self-seeking
e.g. :- it was an entirely altruistic act.

3. Alternate(v):- to take one, skip one, etc.
Syno:- interlace, intersperse
e.g. :- To make the appetizer, you should alternate layers of tomatoes and cheese.

4. Alternative(n):- a choice
Syno:- choice, discretion
Anto:- duty, obligation
e.g.:- there’s no alternative: we must cross the stream to reach our destination

5. Alteration(n):- a change
Syno:- difference, modification
Anto:- fixation, stabilization
e.g. :- There’s been an alteration in the intended route of our bird walk

6. Altercation(n):- argument
Syno:- disagreement, dispute
Anto:- reconciliation, agreement
e.g.:- I had an altercation with the ticket collector

7. Alter ego(n):- one’s other self
Syno:- amigo, buddy
Anto:- enemy, foe
e.g.:- the hero of the novel is clearly the author’s alter ego, right down to his receding hairline and middle-aged paunch.

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