Q1 60% of P is 32 less than the 50% of Q and the sum of 50% of P and 75% of Q is equivalent to Q, then find the difference between P and Q.

Q2 The sum of 120% of 220 and 560% of 625% of 20 is equal to the sum of 80% of 180% of 250 and X. What is the value of 150% of X?

Q3 In a group of 600 people, the ratio of number of males to females is 5: 1. 72.5% of people are graduate. If 84% of males are graduate, then what percentage of females are graduate?

Q4 Obama bought some number of shirts. He gave 70% of the total shirts to Johnson and the rest of the shirts to Biden. Next day, he buys 25% more shirts than the previous day. If he gave 10% more shirts to Johnson than the previous day, then the number of shirts given to Biden is what percent more than the previous day?

Q5 There are four numbers such that A is 60% more than B and C is 30% less than the sum of B and A. If D is 10% more than C and the difference between D and B is 3006, then find the value of C

Q6 The price of an iPhone increased by 20% and then decreased by 15%. The price of an android smartphone increased by 15% and then decreased by 20%. If the final prices of both the items are the same, find the ratio of the initial price of the iPhone to the initial price of an android smartphone.

Q7 In a tank full of plastic balls of 4 different colours, 18% of the total number of balls is Red, 4/9 of total number of balls is Blue, and 8% of the total number of balls is Green. If there are 133 yellow balls then find the difference between the number of Red balls and number of green balls in the tank?

(a) 45

(b) 90

(c) 30

(d) 60

Q8 At a marriage party, 45% of the guests are men and the remaining are women. 80% of the women guests are married and 40% of the men guests are unmarried. If 50% of the married men guests are present with their better halves, find the percentage of women in the marriage party who are married but not with their husbands.

 (a) 30.5%    

(b) 32.5%

(c) 37.5%

(d) 35.5%

Q9 In the Delhi election, out of the total number of voters in a constituency, 55% are male voters and the rest are female voters. If 70% of the males are employed and 60% of the females are unemployed, then the numbers of unemployed males are what percent more or less than the number of employed females.  

(a) 8%

(b) 8.3%

(c) 8.1%

(d) 7%

Q10 In the year 2020, Vishal got 20% more incentive in 3rd month than what he got in 2nd month. His incentive in 4th month was 61 7 % 77 more than what he got in the 3rd month. If he got Rs. 4500 as incentive in the first month and the difference in incentives received in 4th month and 2nd month is Rs. 1130, then the total incentive received by Vishal in the first four months is: 

(a) 17950

(b) 16480

(c) 18560

(d) none of these

Q11 There are three items – A, B, and C. The price of A is 25% more than that of B, and price of item C is 10% more than that of A. The sum of the difference between the price of A and B, and the difference between the price of B and C is Rs.50. The difference between the price of A and B is how much more or less than the difference between the price of B and C?  

(a) 10 more

(b) 10 less

(c) 20 less

(d) 20 more

Q12 Every morning at 6:00 am, Usain leaves his house to complete his daily running routine and returns at 9:00 am. One day, he decided to cover the distance in 2 3 rd of the usual time. Find the percentage change in his speed.  

(a) 50%

(b) 75%

(c) 100%

(d) 66.6%

Q13 The radius of a circle decreases by 17%. If the absolute value of percentage change in the area is written upto 2 decimal places as XY. ZW, what is the value of [X + Y + Z + W].  

(a) 6

(b) 8

(c) 4

(d) 7

Q14 Naruto always loves to have his favorite ramen before the tunin exams. The total price of ramen is the product of the rate (per gm) quantity (in grams) of Ramen consumed. Naruto generally orders 37.92 grams of Ramen at a fixed price of 948 Yen. On a particular day Naruto ate 10% less than the usual quantity, but later realized that the prize of Ramen was hiked by 20%. What is the extra/less amount that needs to be paid on this day? 

(a) 30.52 Yen less than usual

(b) 25.93 Yen more than usual

(c) 45.52 Yen more than usual

(d) 75.84 Yen more than usual

Q15 A landowner increased the length and the breadth of a rectangular plot by 30% and 25% respectively. Find the percentage change in the cost of the plot assuming land prices are uniform throughout his plot.  

(a) 12.5%  

 (b) 13%  

(c) 625%  

(d) None of the above

Q16 The rate (per month) of increase in income is 2 times that of the expenditure. If there is no saving in the first month and the total savings in two months is 1 5 th of the initial income, then the rate at which the expenditure increased is:  

(a) 5%  

(b) 10%  

 (c) 20%  

(d) 22%

Q17 The property rates per sq. feet are 2 16 % 3 less in locality B as compared to locality A, while that in locality C is less by 25% as compared to locality B. Property rates per sq. feet are 50% more in locality D as compared to locality E. Property rates in locality A is same as locality E. If Mohan purchases 100 sq. feet properties in both C and D each, the average rate at which he pays is Rs. 255 per square feet. If he instead purchased 100 sq. feet properties in both A and E each, the amount he needs to pay in Rs. would be  

(a) Rs. 51,000  

(b) Rs. 50,000  

 (c) Rs. 49,000  

(d) Rs. 48,000

Q18 At Physics Wallah, 60% of a class are boys and 25% of the boys are at least 5 feet tall. If 25% of the girls are less than 5 feet tall, what is the percentage difference of the students in the class who are less than 5 feet and at least 5 feet tall?  

(a) 10%  

 (b) 16.67% 

(c) 33.33%  

(d) 35%

Q19 An organization gives its’ sales staff incentives based on the value of their sales. In a particular year, despite a 5 percentage point increment on the commission from 20%, the total commission for a sales organization remained unaltered. Find the change in the volume of the sales.  

(a) – 5% 

 (b) – 15% 

  (c) – 20%  

(d) -100/3%

Q20 The population of Uttarakhand is 19,57,263 in the year 2010. There is a steady growth rate of 20% population at the start of every year and a death rate of 8.33% at the end of every year. However, Uttarakhand witnessed atrocious floods in the end of 2013 due to which the effective death rate was r %. The population after the floods was still 21 % more than what it was in 2010. Find the value of r. (Assume that the growth rate in population for 2013 was the usual 20% and that floods accounted for all the deaths in that year).  

(a) 20%  

(b) 83.33% 

(c) 16.67%  

(d) 25%

Q21 Santa has 3 companies A, B and C and also a trust X which manages the charitable activities of Santa. Each company has to give 5% charity to the trust X excluding the loan which the company has taken from other companies of the group. Company A has given a loan to company B, which is 10% of the total fund of company B. After receiving the loan, company B has twice the fund of company C. If company C gives Rs. 20,000 as a donation to trust X, how much is the approx. contribution of company B to trust X. 

 (a) Rs. 36000  

 (b) Rs. 36300 

 (c) Rs. 28500 

 (d) Rs. 35500

Q22 In a bag, there are 150 coins having denominations Rs. 1, Rs. 2 and Rs. 5 with at least one coin of each denomination being present in the bag. The total value of Re. 1 coins is at least 50% of the total value of the coin in the bag. If there are 23 Rs. 5 coins and the total value of Rs. 2 coins is at least 3% of the total value of the coins in the bag, find the total number of Rs. 2 coins in the bag.  

(a) 1  

 (b) 2  

 (c) 3  

 (d) 4

Q23 An unscrupulous trader has rigged his electronic weighing scale such that it shows a reading of 1 kg when 925 gms of goods are kept on it. Find the percentage error in the measurement.

Q24 The height and base of a triangle are changed such that even though the base is decreased by 11.11%, the area of the triangle increases by 10%. Find the percentage change in the height of the triangle.

Q25 In a college, the number of students decreased by 10% and the price of a rim of paper increased by 25% over the previous year. By how much should the usage of the rims of papers be cut short by each student, such that the total money spent on the rims of papers remains the same as the previous year?

Q26 In an examination of PW Mock CAT, Mohan scored 92% marks, Nishant scored 56% and Samarth scored 634 marks out of the total marks. Average marks scored by them was 643. What percentage of the total marks did Samarth get in the Mock CAT exam?

Q27 The amount of money that Dia gave to her friend is 69% of the amount remaining with her. Had Dia given 20% less money than she has given to her friend now, she would have Rs. 434 more than she has now. What approximate percent is Rs. 3000 of the total amount of money she had?  

(a) 85%  

 (b) 122% 

 (c) 91%  

(d) 56%

Q28 The marketing unit of a company found that out of the base of its potential customers, 30% bought a product while the rest didn’t. Out of those who bought the product, 40% saw its online advertisement while 60% didn’t. Of those who didn’t buy the product, 45% saw its online advertisement while 55% didn’t. What is the ratio of those who bought the product and saw its online advertisement to those who watched the advertisement online but didn’t buy it? 

 (a) 24 : 63  

(b) 24 : 35 

(c) 40 : 63  

(d) None of these

 Q29 In an examination, 55% of the candidates passed in English and 75% of the candidates passed in history, but 20% failed in both of these subjects. If 3200 candidates passed in both the subjects, the number of candidates who appeared at the examination was? (a) 4800 (b) 9600 (c) 6400 (d) 7200

(a) 4800 

 (b) 9600 

 (c) 6400  

(d) 7200

Q30 Monthly income of A is 25% more than B and 20% less than C. Monthly expenditure of B is 20% more than C and 25% less than A. If A saves 60% of his monthly income, then the monthly savings of B is approximately what percent of monthly savings of C?


1. (80) 

2. (906) 

3. (15)

 4. (60)

 5. (5460) 

6. (b) 

7. (a) 

8. (a)

 9. (b) 

10. (a)

 11. (b)

 12. (a) 

13. (a)

 14. (d) 

15. (d)

16. (c) 

17. (d) 

18. (a) 

19. (c) 

20. (c)

 21. (b) 

22. (d) 

23. 8.10% 

24. 23.75%

 25. 12%

 26. 72.45% 

27. (d) 

28. (a)

 29. (c) 

30. (50)

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